Sabrinath Rao, our VP of Products and Sudipta Soo, Head of Cloud at Ninth Dimension discuss how to speed up cloud and devops adoption, best practice to simplify cloud governance, security and compliance with no code and strategies to reduce total cost of cloud operations

Cloud deployments start simple but can spin out of control quickly.

In this webinar, we will show you how Jain University migrated their on-premise infrastructure to AWS in under a week during CoVID. They successfully conducted examinations  for 14,000 students without any disruptions. And, with continuous monitoring and right-sizing efforts, Jain University saved 20% in monthly AWS costs.

You will learn –

  • How to speed up cloud adoption and DevOps practices
  • Best practices to simplify your cloud governance, security and compliance with no code
  • Top strategies to optimize AWS costs and reduce your total cost of cloud operations

About the Author: Sabrinath Rao

Sabrinath Rao
Sabrinath Rao (Rao) is a VP of GTM & Revenue at MontyCloud. In his role, he is responsible for MontyCloud's customer, partner, and market-facing activities. In his spare time, Rao loves to garden, travel, and add to his growing library.
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