Luke Walker, Head of Product Management at MontyCloud, shares how your team can get results quick and easy, with a few clicks and without dozens of lines of code.

Luke will talk about setting up Well-Managed applications:

  • With a real-time view of resource usage, cost and compliance;
  • Guard railed task automation and remediation across regions and accounts;
  • One-click remote access to EC2 instance fleet without risky backdoors;
  • Set up automatically with no code, no agents and no nodes to deploy;
  • Starting even at the time of self-service deployment.

About the Author: Luke Walker

Luke Walker
Luke Walker is a Principal Product Manager at MontyCloud. Ever since he was handed a keyboard, Luke has been busy solving technology and business problems and loves to go after big challenges. With deep experience in the areas of Enterprise Storage, Virtualization, Cloud adoption, Management and Automation, Luke loves to bring his creative problem solving skills to drive practical solutions for customers. In his personal time Luke time slices between tinkering with the latest gadgets, sous vide experiments and re-engineering death stars for global good
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