Venkat Krishnamachari, our CEO, shared how Well-Managed Applications are the foundation of successful digital transformations. Venkat also shared MontyCloud’s vision to help customers drive successful digital transformations through faster with No-Code CloudOps. I would like to dive deeper and share what we are announcing today.

We are announcing MontyCloud DAY2™, an intelligent No-Code cloud operations (CloudOps) SaaS platform that helps customers drive operational excellence with Well-Managed applications in the cloud. With DAY2™, customers can now:

  • Enable compliant self-service application deployments with well-architected, Infrastructure as Code blueprints
  • Easily inventory & monitor cloud resources in their application’s context
  • Automate routine operations such as patch compliance, governance, backups, and reporting
  • Detect and remediate issues with remote control in just a few clicks

Customers no longer have to write complex code for CloudOps. DAY2™ helps customers to deploy well-managed cloud applications faster and with confidence.

Running Well-Managed applications is not easy

One of our early customers – a large luxury jewelry retailer had a dedicated team running their Electronic Data Hub on AWS. Even the smallest changes took weeks to implement. As enterprises modernize their workloads on Amazon Web Services, they have to manage region and account silos. In addition, they grapple with new application architectures such as containers and serverless functions. Meanwhile, traditional enterprise requirements such as responsiveness, cost control, and granular governance manifests in different ways. Until now running cloud applications efficiently required expensive DevOps resources to develop and maintain complex infrastructure code.

Until now running well-managed applications required specialized DevOps skills

Customers understand that Well-Managed Cloud Applications begin with Well-Architected deployments. This means specialized skills to script against the rich management APIs provided by AWS to run the required tasks. Customers have to:

  • Design deployment templates
  • Integrate multiple services
  • Manage hundreds if not thousands of IAM Roles
  • Create and enforce governance policies through JSON scripts
  • Create monitoring and alerting dashboards

To perform the above tasks customers have to maintain code repositories for infrastructure management. As our retail customer experienced, agile CloudOps, requires skilled developer talent, is complex, error-prone and expensive.

“The MontyCloud team helped us build highly automated repeatable systems through blueprints. This helped reduce environment provisioning time from 4 months to 2 weeks.”

– Director Cloud Architecture @ Luxury Jewelry Retailer

Introducing no-code/low code CloudOps with MontyCloud DAY2™

Now, with MontyCloud DAY2™, enterprises can run well-managed applications with no-code/low-code CloudOps. With MontyCloud DAY2™ customers can:

  • Confidently deploy complex AWS application environments through a self-service catalog of blueprints. Customers can use these blueprints, designed to AWS Well-Architected standards, to deploy multiple services that constitute an application, with all the required permissions. Customers can now define the inputs their end-users need to provide, set guardrails and enable their users to deploy compliant AWS footprints
  • Instantly discover, tag and inventory the deployed AWS resources across AWS accounts and AWS regions, and view them in their application’s context
  • View real-time events from AWS resources deployed through DAY2™ Blueprints with embedded monitoring dashboards
  • Automate routine management tasks such as snapshots and patch scanning.
  • Respond to alerts on their Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2) through one-click remote access

With MontyCloud DAY2™ the luxury jewelry retailer now runs one-click self-service deployment for their Amazon ElasticSearch application, built using 15+ AWS services. We have brought our experience from this customer and many others to enable you to run well-managed applications through efficient, no-code/low-code CloudOps.

Closing Thoughts – Events make the difference

Unlike other cloud management platforms, DAY2™ goes further and tracks, monitors and captures all relevant actions and state changes as real-time events. These events are instantly decorated with applications and users context. This means, customers have an auditable timeline view of all actions and state changes. Customers can instantly collaborate with their stakeholders including IT, application owners, business owners, and citizen developers, through popular mediums such as Slack, to identify the root cause and remediate. Customers can now run Well-Managed applications without having to write code for their CloudOps.

Try it today!

MontyCloud DAY2™ is available today through Get started today to run Well-Managed Cloud Applications in just a few clicks.

About the Author: Sabrinath Rao

Sabrinath Rao
Sabrinath Rao (Rao) is a VP of GTM & Revenue at MontyCloud. In his role, he is responsible for MontyCloud's customer, partner, and market-facing activities. In his spare time, Rao loves to garden, travel, and add to his growing library.
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