Manage server workloads in any Cloud. 

Automate routine operations in just a few clicks!


Enterprise IT Teams

Manage multiple accounts & across regions

Get granular visibility and tracking

Automate routine operations in few clicks

Govern security, cost & operational events

Easily integrate with existing ITSM tools

Cloud Solutions Partners

Instantly become day two experts

Reuse your cloud solutions

Reduce deployment time

Manage multiple customers in one console

Create revenue with ready to use day two features


Server management & monitoring

Track, monitor and manage server workloads on-premises or in any cloud.

Full access without bastion hosts

Automate routine server tasks

Monitor & react to critical events

Centrally manage software distributions

Patch compliance & reporting

Detect vulnerabilities, deploy patches and report on compliance in just few clicks.

Scan for vulnerabilities in servers & images

Automate policy-based patch deployments

Simplify with cloud hosted patch repository

Get actionable global compliance reports

Operational excellence

Reduce noise of security, cost and cloud events. Take automatic actions on relevant events.

View security events across your footprint

Monitor cost and control budgets across accounts

Manage as departments, apps or environments

Remediate issues with powerful automations


Cross-region compliance

Enforce global patch policies on your fleet running in multiple AWS regions, and view actionable compliance reports

AWS cloud, any cloud

MontyCloud can manage Amazon EC2 instances, and servers running on-premises or in any cloud

Multi-account views and control

With consolidated views, eliminate silos created by multiple AWS accounts that span departments, and business units

Powerful integrations

MontyCloud seamlessly integrates with notification services such as SNS, Slack, and ITSM solutions like ServiceNow

Built on AWS native components

Security is our #1 priority. Unlike other products, MontyCloud does not require installation of third-party agent software

SaaS-based delivery

DAY2™ is a fully managed platform. There’s nothing to install or maintain. Get started in minutes!