CloudOps Excellence is core to AWS success:

Cloud application teams want to innovate quickly and autonomy to run their applications. While central IT seeks to drive consistent application environments so they can drive granular security, compliance, and governance. Both these seemingly competing objectives are achievable with the advanced APIs and tools that AWS provides. But customers are grappling with tooling and talent gaps.

Driving CloudOps automation with intelligent no-code cloud management tools such as MontyCloud can help IT teams instantly close the skills gap, scale infinitely, and deliver operational excellence in just hours instead of weeks and months.

Webinar Series:

AWS resources provisioned ad hoc coupled with a lack of visibility into cloud footprint can result in wasteful spending, gaps in security & compliance and missed budget and forecasting goals. In this webinar, we demo how you can achieve well-managed cloud operation through

  • Consistently operations ready Well-Architected cloud blueprints.
  • Enforce granular security, compliance and disaster recovery policies through autonomous bots.

Manually enforcing governance policies and OS patch compliance across AWS EC2, private datacenters and other clouds is cumbersome and error prone. In this webinar we demo how you can:

  • Discover, manage and monitor Linux and Windows servers across AWS, Azure, GCP and On-premise datacenters.
  • Remediate policy violations and alerts through secure one-click session access with full audit trace.

Enabling application context sensitive CloudOps automation, and collaborations between central IT, application teams and business teams is complex. In this webinar we demo how you can:

  • Automate routine operations through ready to use tasks.
  • ​​Easily monitor application and infrastructure metrics and enable approval based remediations for alerts.

Through live demo and interactive Q&A you will learn:

  • Provision cost efficient, compliant and operations ready cloud accounts, resources, and services.
  • Get continuous visibility into cloud server and serverless resources, across all their accounts and regions.
  • Automate management & compliance of server workloads in AWS, private datacenters, and other cloud environments.
  • Deploy well-architected application patterns into operations ready, intelligent applications & services.
  • Boot strap current IT teams for intelligent cloud Ops with a library of extensible automated tasks.

Who is this for?

  • IT Director
  • Cloud Architect
  • Cloud Infrastructure Administrator
  • Systems Administrator
  • Site Reliability Engineer
  • DevOps Engineer

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