CloudOps Excellence is core to AWS success:

In this 3-part podcast series, hosted by architects from AWS and MontyCloud, you will learn how your CloudOps can be intelligently automated.

You will learn how to provision your AWS resources on-demand and with clear visibility into your cloud footprint. Cut wasted cloud spend, fix gaps in security & compliance and meet your budget forecasts. Make well-managed cloud operations a reality.

  • Respond to your users in seconds with on-demand provisioning though Well-Architected cloud blueprints.
  • Get granular security, compliance and disaster recovery with automation.

You will learn how to discover, manage and monitor Linux and Windows servers across AWS, Azure, GCP and on-premise. Learn how you can:

  • Effortlessly enforce policies and OS patch compliance across all environments without worrying about manual work or errors.
  • Remedy policy violations and fix problems through secure one-click sessions with full audit trace.

You will learn how to enable context-sensitive CloudOps automation and make it easy for central IT, application teams and business teams to collaborate. You will see demos on how to:

  • Automate routine operations with ready to use tasks.
  • Easily monitor application and infrastructure metrics
  • Enable approval based remediations for alerts.

Meet our Speakers:

Venkat Krish
Brian Terry
Jon Myer

Through live demo and interactive Q&A you will learn:

  • To provision compliant & operations ready cloud accounts, resources and services.

  • To get continuous visibility into cloud server & serverless resources, across accounts and regions.

  • To automate management & compliance of server workloads in AWS, private datacenters, and other cloud environments.

  • To deploy well-architected, operations ready and intelligent applications & services.

  • To bootstrap current IT teams for intelligent cloud Ops with a library of automated tasks.

*All attendees of the webinar are eligible to enter the raffle to win the prize. Attendee must be present at the drawing to win.

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