MontyCloud and the AWS Well-Architected Assessments

MontyCloud and the AWS Well-Architected Assessments2023-03-09T14:22:22+00:00

MontyCloud’s DAY2™ CloudOps platform maps autonomous checks to the Well-Architected questions and provides no-code remediations which dramatically reduces time to complete the Well-Architected Assessments.

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Challenge and Solution

Automated Well-Architected Assessments & Provisioning


Time Savings

Autonomous checks map evidence to over 70% of the Well-Architected questions while Tasks and Blueprints reduce time remediating and provisioning resources.


Automatically maps checks to any number of resources in a selected environment and pinpoints issues.


Confirm remediations to build and grow trust with both the customer and AWS.

No-code Remediations

MontyCloud’s Task Library enables no-code remediations to address issues identified during an AWS Well- Architected Review.

Pre-Built Solutions

The Task Library and Well-Architected Blueprints give organizations a starting point to remediate and deploy resources.


Autonomous Checks & Milestones

Automatically map checks to resources in an environment to identify potential issues and receive a pass/ fail recommendation for over 70% of the questions for the AWS Well-Architected Review. Save milestones and write back to the AWS WA Tool to track progress while remediating high risk issues (HRI). The milestones and MontyCloud reports provide evidence of remediation.

Task Library & Well-Architected Blueprints

In a few clicks, remediate issues identified by autonomous checks with no-code. The Task Library and Well- Architected Blueprints are extensible so scripts and templates can be uploaded to be used by others across the organization.

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