LeadSquared reduces AWS operational cost by 30% for their Amazon ElasticSearch powered app2022-02-10T06:46:15+00:00
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LeadSquared reduces AWS operational cost by 30% for their Amazon ElasticSearch powered app

LeadSquared reduces AWS operational cost by 30% for their Amazon ElasticSearch powered app

What was LeadSquared looking to solve?

LeadSquared is a SaaS platform for marketing automation & sales execution, used by 1000+ businesses around the world. The entire application is built on AWS and uses multiple services – Amazon EC2, Amazon S3, Amazon ElasticSearch, Amazon CloudWatch, Amazon CloudFormation, Amazon Aurora, Route 53 etc. The infrastructure team wanted a consistent, error – free system to provision and update their production workloads. Additionally, they wanted to optimize the infrastructure for performance, scale and cost. They had three main priorities – optimize and scale of cloud infrastructure, reduce time spent on routine cloud operations and cut down on total cost of cloud operations.

What did they achieve?

LeadSquared simplified their operations and no longer had to deal with AWS console access concerns or setting up of multiple IAM users. They monitored critical metrics, scaled their application and reduced downtime with No-Code CloudOps.

  • Improved operational efficiency for the infrastructure team by 50% saving valuable hours for its CloudOps engineers
  • Saved 30% in operational costs, resulting in an overall reduction of total cost of cloud operations
  • Intelligent automations and optimizations resulted in faster application scaling, securely and cost-effectively

How did they do this?

MontyCloud DAY2™ helps LeadSquared rapidly scale their AWS cloud consumption without needing additional CloudOps experts. Prior to MontyCloud DAY2™ the infrastructure team created and managed several Lambda functions to accomplish their goals. They also had to perform additional overhead tasks to centrally manage provision, and secure custom Python scripts. They were utilizing a cumbersome ticket-based approach that wasn’t scalable. LeadSquared used MontyCloud DAY2™ to –

  • Standardize demand deployment of application system environment including the infrastructure, core services, and applications
  • Improve security by eliminating direct access and number of IAM roles needed, while maintaining agility and self – service capability
  • Monitor critical metrics on DAY2™ dashboard, reducing the need for complex lookups and direct access to CloudWatch
  • Automate routine tasks to scale the application update configurations and set up custom alerts
  • Reduce TCO with automated and on-demand scaling of resources, metrics – based configuration change, and reduced downtime



Sales & Marketing

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LeadSquared is a marketing automation platform that helps businesses track, nurture, convert and manage their leads. They help 1000s of mid-size and Fortune 500 companies, automate marketing activities.

With MontyCloud DAY2 our team consistently provisions critical cloud apps. Self – service task have greatly simplified our cloud operations

Sudhakar Gorti
Chief Product Officer

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