Well-Managed Applications help cost-effective AWS experience

Using MontyCloud DAY2™, Jain Group of Institutions now delivers their remote exams for 14,000 students using the power of AWS Cloud. They moved their on-prem exam application to AWS Cloud with DAY2™ Well Managed Cloud blueprints.

  • Automated routine operational tasks for the IT team
  • DAY2™ Monitoring and right-sizing efforts saved 20% in monthly AWS costs
  • Managed the university’s infrastructure & all 8 exam applications

About Jain Group of Institutions

JGI Group is an established education provider and entrepreneurship incubator in India.

Industry : Education

Location : India

Software : MontyCloud DAY2™ Platform

We looked up to our IT team, JGI Anveshana to find a reliable and effective fix for the challenge of designing and conducting online examinations for a large number of students during these uncertain times. I am proud of the team behind our accelerated transition of all the modules to the cloud. Congratulations to the Examination team, JGI Anveshana, the MontyCloud team, and Intuitor for making this happen with MontyCloud DAY2™.

– Dr. Chenraj Roychand, Chancellor, Jain Group of Institutions

The MontyCloud team helped us build highly automated repeatable systems through blueprints. This helped reduce environment provisioning time from 4 months to 2 weeks.

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