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Take the Fast-Track to Well-Managed Cloud Applications



Cloud-native applications span cloud regions and accounts as well as many cloud resources and tools. Until now, deploying and managing these applications required specialized scripting skills and a number of manual tasks. MontyCloud DAY2™ automates the full cycle out-of-the-box. DAY2™ Blueprints provide Well-Architected AWS CloudFormation Templates for over 15 deployment scenarios. Further, DAY2™ monitoring and management operations are seamlessly integrated at the time of deployment and available in the application's context. Enterprises can now run well-managed applications with integrated no-code CloudOps in just under five clicks.


Features & Benefits

Fast-Track Deployment

MontyCloud DAY2™ Blueprints feature 15+ AWS Well-Architected CloudFormation templates. You can confidently self-service the deployment of secure, compliant applications, reducing errors, time and cost. DAY2 CloudOps is integrated at the time of provisioning and delivered as-a-Service from the DAY2™ Platform. You can deploy well-managed applications in just a few clicks.

Contextualize Inventory

MontyCloud DAY2™ integrates with cloud native management APIs to discover and inventory assets across accounts and regions, organizes them by applications, departments and users. DAY2™ now automates compliance, security and cost through policies, guardrails and reports in business context.

Automate Cloud Operations

MontyCloud DAY2™ Cloud-Native Management provides real-time event monitoring, remote access, patch and policy management. DAY2™ automates routine management tasks such as, tagging, grouping, role-based access and more with no-code CloudOps.


15+ AWS Well-Architected Blueprints deployable from the MontyCloud DAY2™ Platform

Starting with over 15 Well-Architected blueprints, the MontyCloud DAY2™ Blueprint collection is here to help with the most common resource deployments to run the most popular applications in the AWS cloud. Click to check out the details and figure out which ones you need foremost. We are constantly designing and developing more blueprints, so tell us what’s your next suggestion once you’ve started your trial!

EC2 Instance

Elastic File System



ECS Cluster

Elastic MapReduce

RDS Replica


Fargate Cluster Service

Public VPC

Jupyter Notebook

Static Website

EKS Managed Kubernetes

Private VPC

Elasticsearch Cluster

Jenkins Master (HA)


Available Plans for MontyCloud DAY2™

Deployments are not always predictable and no one wants unforeseen costs. Nothing to worry about.

Everyone does want choice. MontyCloud offers two Plans, Standard and Premium. Standard comes with a rich package including all blueprints, contextual inventory and essential cloud operation. Premium adds full orchestration and an advanced set of cloud operations and integrations.


Usage Rights

Business Context Organization

Custom Scripts

SNS/Slack Integration

Resource Grouping

Health Dashboards

Role Based Access



Discover & Inventory Resources

Remote Access to VMs

Start/Stop and kill EC2 VMs

VM Snapshots

Patch Scanning

Resource Tagging

DAY2™ Standard

All Blueprints

Unlimited within same company

DAY2™ Premium

All Blueprints

Manual Through AWS Console

Orchestrated Through DAY2™

Unlimited within same company


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