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Deploy compliant application environments on-demand and instantly automate day 2 operations

Deploy compliant application environments on-demand and instantly automate day 2 operations

DAY2™ Well-Managed Applications help commit security, compliance, cost-effectiveness, and operational efficiency to cloud designs, deployments, and routine management. It provides dozens of Well-Architected Application Blueprints with pre-set Launch Configurations to deploy Infrastructure-as-Code with No-Code. Further, CloudOps Automated Rules simplifies system checks and delivers a No-Code solution for CloudOps and SRE tasks. Now deployment, discovery, monitoring, event tracking, and task automation are simplified under self-service with role-based access and supervised by guardrails in the application context.

How Customers Use It

How Customers Use It

Compliant application environments on-demand

Enforce policies and guardrails across application environments, with launch configuration regulated Well-Architected Blueprint provisioning

Automate alerting & remediations

Operate efficiently, enforce granular governance and security through a rich library of Day2™ CloudOps Automation Rules

Instantly manage your application environment

Instantly manage your application environment through customizable dashboards. Get real time inventory, analytics, monitoring, alerts and a rich library of compliance, security, cost and operational status reports.

Manage existing applications

Single tool for all your day 2 operations. Discover, connect and manage existing applications and deployment templates.

With MontyCloud’s DAY2 our team consistently provisions critical cloud apps. Self-service tasks have simplified our operations.

Sudhakar Gorti, Chief Product Officer, LeadSquared

We looked up to our IT team, JGI Anveshana, to find a reliable and effective fix for the challenge of designing and conducting online examinations for a large number of students during these uncertain times. I am proud of the team behind our accelerated transition of all the modules to the cloud. Congratulations to the Examination team, JGI Anveshana, the MontyCloud team, and Intuitor for making this happen with MontyCloud DAY2™.

Dr. Chenraj Roychand, Chancellor, Jain Group of Institutions

MontyCloud’s DAY2™ has helped us achieve automated provisioning and enabled intelligent operations of AWS resources and applications that power our research team. It is always a challenge to work on cutting edge research areas with limited cloud IT specialists and budget. Thanks to MontyCloud, we have reclaimed over 30% of our productive time and we are able to focus more on our research and innovations

Jasmin Patel, Assistant Vice President, Research Strategy, and Innovation, St. Louis University

40+ AWS Well-Architected Blueprints deployable from the MontyCloud DAY2™ Platform

40+ AWS Well-Architected Blueprints deployable from the MontyCloud DAY2™ Platform

Starting with over 40 Well-Architected blueprints, the MontyCloud DAY2™ Blueprint collection is here to help with the most common resource deployments to run the most popular applications in the AWS cloud. Click to check out the details and figure out which ones you need foremost. We are constantly designing and developing more blueprints, so tell us what’s your next suggestion once you’ve started your trial!

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Well-Managed Applications are consistently available, secure, compliant, extensible, operationally efficient and cost-effective. A Well-Managed Applications starts with on-demand availability of compliant environments and extends to autonomous Day 2 operations. monitoring and enforcement of desired state of security, cost and availability. A Well-Managed Application’s resources are monitored, changes are tracked, tasks are automated, policies are enforced and cost are optimized against intent and expectation. Well-Managed Applications maximize productivity and minimize cost & risk while the application generates business outcomes.
You should use DAY2™ Well-Managed Applications (WMA) because you enable your application teams to innovate faster while also enforcing granular governance, compliance and security, through autonomous operations. DAY2™ WMA enables you to deploy and operate compliant, secure and cost-effective application environments efficiently in just a few clicks. DAY2™ WMA includes a catalog of well-architected provisioning templates, a rick task library to automate Day 2 operations, intuitive operations dashboards, and extensive reports for compliance reporting. DAY2™ eliminates the task burden, bridges the cloud skills gap and helps you run well-managed applications in a matter of minutes.

You can easily get started by creating a MontyCloud account at, then select any WMA Blueprint from the DAY2™ Blueprints library.  You will be asked to onboard your AWS account upon selecting a blueprint. You can easily onboard your account with the account credentials and get started with the deployment.

Yes, you can only create a MontyCloud account with your work email address and access your MontyCloud account with your work email address.

Once your free trial has expired you can purchase a monthly or annual SaaS subscription for as many DAY2™ Well-Managed Applications you need. DAY2™ Well-Managed Infrastructure is a pre-requisite for DAY2™ Well-Managed Applications and includes the Provisioning Portal with unlimited use of Account, Network and IaaS Blueprints. For pricing, please contact sales for a quote.

Well-Architected Framework is an AWS Framework of recommendations that help customers and partners optimize their AWS footprint for security, costs, reliability, performance and operational excellence. DAY2™ Blueprints are built based on the AWS Well-Architected framework. You can find more information on the AWS Well-Architected Framework at

Yes. DAY2™ Well-Managed Applications (WMA) complement Cloud-Native provisioning tools such as Amazon CloudFormation.

Yes, if you currently use AWS CloudFormation(CFN) you can onboard your existing CFN templates to DAY2™. DAY2™ Well-Managed Applications includes a import wizard through which you can onboard your existing CFN Templates, automate routine tasks and customize DAY2™ Application Dashboard to your needs. As an added-value, MontyCloud DevOps engineers can help validate your provisioning template so ensure it meets Well-Architected principles.

Yes, you can manage your existing applications on AWS with DAY2™ WMA. All you have to do is point the application to DAY2™ WMA’s application wizard. In just a few clicks, you application is manageable with DAY2™ WMI. You can now create your custom operations dashboards, import any custom tasks/scripts you have for the application, automate operations, and generate compliance and security reports.
Operations and Administrators create a rule within a given DAY2 Application by selecting a cloud event or key system metric and defining the condition for which the rule will be triggered. One or more DAY2 Tasks must then be selected to control how the DAY2 platform should react to the condition being met. Tasks are then executed under the context of the user who created the rule and is visible within the Operations section of the DAY2 platform. The execution history for those tasks can later be accessed and reviewed both from within the Application itself and from Operations.
Multiple actions can be added to a single rule, with each action executed in parallel. But multiple conditions and conditional flows are not currently supported.
System metrics from EC2 and RDS Instances, EC2 Auto Scaling Groups and Load Balancers, NAT and Transit Gateways, and S3 buckets can be used as conditions to trigger DAY2™ CloudOps Automation Rules.
Key EC2 events such as Instance status changes (Instance Started/Stopped/Restarted/Terminated) and EBS Snapshot notifications (Snapshot created, deleted, copied, shared) can be used to trigger actions. An individual rule can be configured to check for events and data from an individual resource, or multiple resources can be selected. Metrics sourced from 3rd party monitoring tools, or applications running inside an EC2 instance are not currently supported.
Yes, provided the underlying AWS accounts and regions are managed by MontyCloud DAY2™.
Targeting a single account and region, however, provides an additional benefit where the choice of network-related parameters can be locked. This is advantageous for users who are not familiar with cloud networking concepts or to lock deployments into using a specific landing zone designated for that team. Network-related parameters cannot be locked for launch configurations that target multiple accounts/regions as network configurations are unique to each account and region.
Yes, if you have an existing Customer-Owned, Public or Private image available within your AWS account, blueprints that offer the selection of an AMI will display both the default AMI selection and your own images for selection during the launch configuration wizard.
DAY2™ secures your account credentials by accessing your account through a system generated restricted IAM role. When you onboard your AWS Account, DAY2™ creates a restricted role, only with permissions required to perform DAY2™ operations. This restricted role is created using secure AWS Well-Architected standards for cross-account access. This restricted role is not accessible by anyone including MontyCloud employees. DAY2™ does not need your AWS Credentials. Your AWS account is secure even with DAY2™ access.

Yes, you can share the DAY2™ Blueprints with other administrators and users within your company. You CANNOT share blueprints with others outside your company , DAY2™ Blueprints are for use within your organization. If you want others who are not part of your company to access DAY2™ Blueprints, you can ask them to contact us.

No, DAY2™ Blueprints are for use within your organization. If you want others who are not part of your company to access DAY2™ Blueprints, you can refer them to MontyCloud through

Yes. For DAY2™ Well – Managed Applications you can submit your support requests through email:, or create a ticket via Tickets are typically responded to within 24 hours.

You can request a blueprint validation via support at montycloud dot com or
Yes. MontyCloud DevOps Engineers constantly create new blueprints to add to the generally available blueprint library. If you need a blueprint for a common workload or use case, we may discretionarily prioritize your immediate need and create a blueprint for free. If you need a blueprint that designed you specific organizations specifications that are not assumed to be usable by other MontyCloud customers, we may provide you with a quote based on a statement of work for your acceptance.

If you already have access to MontyCloud DAY2™, you may submit a request through or support at montycloud dot com. If you are not an existing DAY2™ user, please send you enquiry to sales at montycloud dot com, submit your request via or use the chat function on

DAY2 supports Azure Active Directory on SAML 2.0 authentication protocol in this release.
DAY2 support team will help disabling the SSO configuration for your organization. Existing DAY2 local authentication will automatically resume for continued access to the platform.



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