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Mitigate downtime risks with simplified blue/green deployments of Amazon ECS and AWS Fargate Applications

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Save 80% effort and time with the new well-architected blueprint that reduces the complexity of implementing blue/green and canary deployments for Amazon Elastic Container Service (ECS) and AWS Fargate applications.

Deploy Operations Ready Containerized applications based on ECS and Fargate clusters using MontyCloud DAY2™

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Simplify Docker based deployments for ECS or Fargate clusters and automate routine operations with AWS native services, with No-Code and No-Agents. Use operations ready well-architected blueprints for DAY2™ ECS and Fargate to help infrastructure teams deploy and instantly manage highly scalable, fast, serverless application environments.

Deploy Operations-Ready High Performance Computing (HPC) applications using MontyCloud DAY2™

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DAY2™ Operations Ready HPC Blueprints can save several weeks in effort and 40-70% in total cost of cloud operations, without requiring the sophisticated AWS skills. Provision HPC clusters on-demand, with governance guardrails, security standards and highly automated self-service operations.

Provision compliant Amazon EC2 Instances On-Demand

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Enable your users to deploy compliant Amazon EC2 instances on-demand through a self-service portal and automate routine management tasks at the time of deployment with DAY2™. Consistent on-demand provisioning can improve productivity by 30% or more and build the pathway to run more secure and cost-efficient servers.