5 Attributes Of CloudOps Platforms

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An Autonomous CloudOps solution enables you to automate your routine and repeatable cloud operations such as resource provisioning, user management, patch management, responding to routine alerts, configuration enforcement, security and compliance checks. Here are 5 attributes to consider in an Autonomous No-Code CloudOps Solution.

CloudOps vs. ITOps – What to know before scaling up your cloud computing environment?

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Today, a growing number of applications are hosted on and delivered from the cloud. Most large enterprises still use a hybrid model of on-premise and cloud systems. This requires growing use of Cloud Operations or CloudOps along with existing ITOps. What is the difference?

Continuous Cloud Security Posture Management with DAY2™ Security Bot

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DAY2™ automatically discovers, inventories, contextualizes and runs checks against 200+ security policies and AWS best practices. Then, it generates a contextual security posture dashboard.

Announcing DAY2™ Cloud Governance: Avoid Cloud Bill Shocks with Preventive Guardrails

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With DAY2™ Cloud Governance, CloudOps and IT teams can create varying configurations and publish them to specific users and/or departments. You can give your users flexibility in configuration parameters, make choices such as approved Amazon EC2 instance types, and also lock down parameters such as VPC boundaries and Subnets.

Announcing DAY2™ CloudOps Automation Rules: Hands off management via automated routine remediations

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With DAY2™ CloudOps Automation Rules, teams can save time in implementing system checks and improve accuracy of application reliability responses by focusing on defining the logical sequence of events that should take place with “if this then that” conditional logic, instructing the DAY2™ platform to react on the teams’ behalf.

Deploy Operations-Ready High Performance Computing (HPC) applications using MontyCloud DAY2™

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DAY2™ Operations Ready HPC Blueprints can save several weeks in effort and 40-70% in total cost of cloud operations, without requiring the sophisticated AWS skills. Provision HPC clusters on-demand, with governance guardrails, security standards and highly automated self-service operations.

Provision compliant Amazon EC2 Instances On-Demand

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Enable your users to deploy compliant Amazon EC2 instances on-demand through a self-service portal and automate routine management tasks at the time of deployment with DAY2™. Consistent on-demand provisioning can improve productivity by 30% or more and build the pathway to run more secure and cost-efficient servers.

Manage Server Fleets on Multiple Clouds & Hybrid Clouds

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MontyCloud DAY2™ can help you efficiently manage your server fleets across Amazon EC2, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud Platform, on-premise on VMWare and physical datacenters, deliver granular governance across your IT footprint and reduce your total cost of cloud operations by 30% or more.

Q&A from “Intelligent Cloud Operations: A Joint Podcast Series with AWS”

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AWS Cloud Management Solution Architects, Jon Myer, Brian Terry and our CEO, Venkat Krishnamachari responded to several questions on how MontyCloud DAY2™ helps enterprise IT teams automate their CloudOps and reduces their Total Cost Of Cloud Operations by 30% or more. Here are the top 10 questions.