Simple steps you can take today to automate your cloud security remediations

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A step by step guide to set real-time notifications to automate remediation to security alerts, minimize the likelihood of new attacks, and speed up your threat response process.

Why and how to set up automated Disaster Recovery for your cloud infrastructure

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A fortune 200 Independent SaaS Vendors (ISV) achieves 1-hour Recovery Point Objective (RPO), 4-hour Recovery Time Objectives (RTO) and on-demand recovery testing with just a slack command, across 600 hundred Amazon Elastic Compute (EC2) Instances, with an autonomous BOT based approach. 

Five Cloud Operations Trends to look for in 2021

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Digital transformations are not about just getting to the cloud. To truly benefit from the agility, scale, performance and cost efficiencies of their cloud investments, business leaders need to invest in their IT teams, tools and processes to fundamentally transform their IT operations to Cloud Operations (CloudOps).

Application-level alerts, IFTTT style reactions and remediations with DAY2™ CloudOps Automation Rules

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All about the components that power DAY2™ CloudOps Automation Rules and how they work together to simplify and automate responses to application-level alerts. Learn more about the delivery of automated If-This-Then-That (IFTTT) style reactions and remediations to application alerts.

Deploy Operations Ready Containerized applications based on ECS and Fargate clusters using MontyCloud DAY2™

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Simplify Docker based deployments for ECS or Fargate clusters and automate routine operations with AWS native services, with No-Code and No-Agents. Use operations ready well-architected blueprints for DAY2™ ECS and Fargate to help infrastructure teams deploy and instantly manage highly scalable, fast, serverless application environments.

5 Attributes Of CloudOps Platforms

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An Autonomous CloudOps solution enables you to automate your routine and repeatable cloud operations such as resource provisioning, user management, patch management, responding to routine alerts, configuration enforcement, security and compliance checks. Here are 5 attributes to consider in an Autonomous No-Code CloudOps Solution.

CloudOps vs. ITOps – What to know before scaling up your cloud computing environment?

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Today, a growing number of applications are hosted on and delivered from the cloud. Most large enterprises still use a hybrid model of on-premise and cloud systems. This requires growing use of Cloud Operations or CloudOps along with existing ITOps. What is the difference?

Continuous Cloud Security Posture Management with DAY2™ Security Bot

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DAY2™ automatically discovers, inventories, contextualizes and runs checks against 200+ security policies and AWS best practices. Then, it generates a contextual security posture dashboard.