Mission possible: From on-prem to online exams for 14K students in a week, during COVID-19 lockdown

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Jain Group of Institutions (JGI) achieved the impossible in under a week. They moved their exam application to AWS, and transformed their IT team, JGI Anveshana to deliver online exams to 14,000 students.

One-Click access to servers and VMs with Session Manager and MontyCloud

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IT administrators and DevOps engineers often perform routine operations to manage their cloud infrastructure, modern on-premises environment workloads, and applications. One such routine operation is the ability to manage Amazon EC2 instances, on-premises instances, and virtual machines (VM) through a remote session.

From AWS Lego Blocks to Well-Managed Applications

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Well-managed applications start with well-architected deployments. In this edition of OpsTalk™ Blog – Jinesh Varia, a recognized AWS expert and MontyCloud advisor, discusses how DAY2™ Blueprints infuse visibility, tagging, controls and, routine management tasks to deployment templates.

Luxury jewelry retailer speeds up AWS deployment 40x with no-code CloudOps

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Well managed applications begin with well-architected deployments. In this blog, Ganapathy Pullera, Sr. Cloud Engineer at MontyCloud, shares his first-hand experience on how a luxury jewelry retailer brought their deployment times to under 1 hour and run their Amazon ECS application with just 2 cloud engineers.