Simplified Cloud Enablement & Operations with MontyCloud DAY2™

By |2021-12-31T08:06:13+00:00December 30th, 2021|Automate CloudOps, Blog|

Announcing new product features and updates to the MontyCloud DAY2™ platform that continue to simplify common cloud operations challenges such as Cloud Enablement, Governance, Cost Management, Security, Compliance and Automation.

MontyCloud DAY2™ is now available to Startups in the AWS Activate Program, FREE for 3 months

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Starting today, startups in the AWS Activate program can use MontyCloud DAY2™ FREE for 3 months and at 25% discount on an annual subscription. Simplify cloud operations and run secure, compliant, and efficient cloud operations without scaling your cloud teams.

Gain continuous cloud cost visibility with customizable business-centric views

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Tracking resources and managing cloud costs effectively requires a granular view on spend by applications/ department. The in-built cost dashboard helps uncover usage spikes and anomalies which will help teams take action that saves cloud costs.

Simplified collaboration and file management for cloud applications

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Simplified cloud management and collaboration for both IT administrators and application end-users with no security or compliance gaps. Enabling file access and collaboration without the need for AWS expertise or having to deal with security requirements and overheads.