Deploy Operations-Ready High Performance Computing (HPC) applications using MontyCloud DAY2™

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DAY2™ Operations Ready HPC Blueprints can save several weeks in effort and 40-70% in total cost of cloud operations, without requiring the sophisticated AWS skills. Provision HPC clusters on-demand, with governance guardrails, security standards and highly automated self-service operations.

Provision compliant Amazon EC2 Instances On-Demand

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Enable your users to deploy compliant Amazon EC2 instances on-demand through a self-service portal and automate routine management tasks at the time of deployment with DAY2™. Consistent on-demand provisioning can improve productivity by 30% or more and build the pathway to run more secure and cost-efficient servers.

Manage Server Fleets on Multiple Clouds & Hybrid Clouds

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MontyCloud DAY2™ can help you efficiently manage your server fleets across Amazon EC2, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud Platform, on-premise on VMWare and physical datacenters, deliver granular governance across your IT footprint and reduce your total cost of cloud operations by 30% or more.

Q&A from “Intelligent Cloud Operations: A Joint Podcast Series with AWS”

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AWS Cloud Management Solution Architects, Jon Myer, Brian Terry and our CEO, Venkat Krishnamachari responded to several questions on how MontyCloud DAY2™ helps enterprise IT teams automate their CloudOps and reduces their Total Cost Of Cloud Operations by 30% or more. Here are the top 10 questions.

MontyCloud DAY2™ SaaS Offers are now available through the AWS Marketplace

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MontyCloud DAY2™ offers are now listed on the AWS Marketplace. MontyCloud partners with AWS to enable our customers run Well-Managed Applications with No-Code CloudOps.

Single Sign-On access with MontyCloud DAY2™

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MontyCloud DAY2™ now offers Single Sign-On (SSO) access for Enterprises that rely on Identity providers (IDP). With this feature, customers can enable secure, reliable, and compliant centralized management of users and user access to the DAY2™ platform.

Achieve continuous compliance and security for AWS Accounts, with MontyCloud DAY2™

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Well-managed Cloud starts with cloud accounts that conform to your company’s security, compliance and cost standards and are continuously governed. Well-managed accounts are a shared responsibility between you, your cloud provider and your users.

Deliver well-managed cloud applications through continuous discovery, visibility and automated classifications

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Discovery and full visibility into cloud footprint is key to classification of resources, and a prerequisite for well-managed cloud applications. Well-managed cloud applications are fundamental to secure, compliant and cost-efficient cloud operations.

Introducing our expanded portfolio for Well-Managed DAY2™ Operations

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Today we announced the next generation of cloud management, with an expanded portfolio of MontyCloud DAY2™ (DAY2™) products. DAY2™ is a No-Code, intelligent cloud management platform that helps enterprise IT teams build, deploy, and run well-managed infrastructure and operations ready cloud applications and services.