MontyCloud pioneered Autonomous CloudOps with our flagship platform, MontyCloud DAY2™, a ‘No-code SaaS platform’ that assists customers in rapidly closing cloud skills gaps and modernizing their value delivery systems.

From accelerating cloud enablement to delivering visibility and control, our goal is to help customers achieve excellence in cloud operations—all without them having to add any specialized cloud talent or increasing their annual cloud operations spend.

Our mission is to build a secure, reliable, and at-scale cloud platform that enables customers to effectively manage and operate their cloud infrastructure. Our main product ‘DAY2™’ is a modern, serverless, event driven platform.

Our platform is engineered to be a collection of domain-oriented microservices giving engineers full freedom to innovate, experiment, make decisions locally while keeping the platform secure and reliable. Our engineering team takes pride in building a platform that is highly scalable that, at the very same time, is fully observable.