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Run compliant and cost-efficient applications on AWS with MontyCloud DAY2™

Run compliant and cost-efficient applications on AWS with MontyCloud DAY2™

MontyCloud partners with AWS to enable our customers to run Well-Managed Applications with No-Code CloudOps. MontyCloud DAY2™ is built on native AWS technologies such as AWS Systems Manager and AWS CloudFormation and helps customers consistently provision, manage and achieve autonomous operations of their cloud resources and applications.

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Automated Well-Architected Framework Assessments & Provisioning

MontyCloud’s DAY2™ CloudOps platform maps autonomous checks to the Well-Architected Framework questions and provides no-code remediations which dramatically reduces time to complete the Well-Architected Framework Reviews.

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DAY2™ is born in AWS, for AWS

MontyCloud’s DAY2™ is an Autonomous CloudOps platform that helps CIO’s empower their CloudOps teams for success. DAY2™ is AWS native, uses the AWS native APIs for CloudOps and does not require 3rd party agents.  In just a few clicks, customers can simplify provisioning, enforce security and compliance, setup budget guardrails, and automate routine operations.

MontyCloud DAY2™ enables customers –

  • To reduce cloud costs, stay compliant, and improve the pace of transformation across lines of business
  • To get continuous visibility into cloud footprint, consistently provision, and reduce deployment time
  • To achieve autonomous cloud operations and do more with less budget and fewer Cloud/DevOps engineers
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AWS Joint Engagement

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