Run compliant and cost-efficient applications on AWS with MontyCloud DAY2™

Run compliant and cost-efficient applications on AWS with MontyCloud DAY2™

MontyCloud partners with AWS to enable our customers to run Well-Managed Applications with No-Code CloudOps. MontyCloud DAY2™ is built on native AWS technologies such as AWS Systems Manager and AWS CloudFormation and helps customers consistently provision, manage and achieve autonomous operations of their cloud resources and applications.

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AWS Partner Network (APN) recognizes MontyCloud as an APN Advanced Technology Partner

The APN Advanced Technology Partner tier is a validation of the strength of our platform, key integrations we built in collaboration with the AWS Management & Governance team along with the skills and expertise we have acquired.

DAY2™ is a born in the cloud SaaS platform that customers use to:

  • Reduce cloud costs, stay compliant and improve the pace of transformation across lines of business

  • Get continuous visibility into cloud footprint, consistently provision, and reduce deployment time

  • Achieve autonomous cloud operations and do more with less budget and fewer Cloud/DevOps engineers

Born in AWS, for AWS

MontyCloud works in close collaboration with the AWS product teams to extend AWS native APIs. Check out these two technical blogs on AWS Management & Governance Blog that showcases the depth of MontyCloud DAY2™ platform integration to help AWS Customers get the best operations platform.

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A Commitment To Delight Our Customers


A fortune 500 retailer cut deployment time by 80%


Saved over $300K/year for a leading online pharmacy


Helped Jain University and St Louis University go from no-cloud to efficient cloud powered applications in under two weeks


Eliminated Ops Ticket burden and reduced MTTR significantly for LeadSquared for their SaaS service.