Samrat Priyadarshi

Samrat Priyadarshi

About Samrat Priyadarshi

Samrat (Sam) Priyadarshi is Senior Cloud Solutions Engineer at MontyCloud. He leads a team that builds well-architected Infrastructure as Code blueprints that help customers deploy complex application environments with confidence. He is excited about all things related to cloud native applications. In his free time, he loves to travel on his motorcycle, read books and write technology blogs.

Deploy Operations-Ready High Performance Computing (HPC) applications using MontyCloud DAY2™

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DAY2™ Operations Ready HPC Blueprints can save several weeks in effort and 40-70% in total cost of cloud operations, without requiring the sophisticated AWS skills. Provision HPC clusters on-demand, with governance guardrails, security standards and highly automated self-service operations.

Provision compliant Amazon EC2 Instances On-Demand

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Enable your users to deploy compliant Amazon EC2 instances on-demand through a self-service portal and automate routine management tasks at the time of deployment with DAY2™. Consistent on-demand provisioning can improve productivity by 30% or more and build the pathway to run more secure and cost-efficient servers.